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Ruki-sama will be well soon !
I gues nearly everyone knows it allready but just to make sure ~
Please read this entry , I submitted it on as well...


Numerous Shows Postponed.
live / GazettE, the

On August 14th at Kochi Cultural Plaza during the GazettE's "TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS -01-" , vocalist Ruki suddenly lost his voice during the encore. While the fans finished the song "LINDA - candydive pinky heaven" on their own, Ruki was brought to hospital examination after the concert.

The result is the finding of a virus infection causing a vocal cord edema, which will need rest and silence to cure. After discussions with the band members and staff, the only possibility is to postpone a number of upcoming shows.

- 8/16 (Mo) Hiroshima ALSOK Hall
- 8/17 (Tue) Okayama Shimin Kaikan
- 8/19 (Thu) Fukuoka Shiminkaikan  
- 8/21 (Thu) Chiba-ken Bunkakaikan
- 8/22 (Sun) Atsugi-shi Bunkakaikan

Obtained tickets for the shows are valid for substitute shows, so fans are asked to hold on to them and contact the respective event agencies for further consultation.

Ruki himself apologizes for any inconvenience, plans that can't be made true now and will concentrate on getting better quickly.

Concerning all shows after August 24th, more information will follow after the examination on August 22nd.


apologize of ruki:

To all of you.

I apologise for the sudden postponement of the tour.

I didn't imagine such a small bomb could end up this way.

Anyway, I'll do my best to completely recover from this for now.

I made all of you worried and troubled, didn't I?
I should’ve been all healthy and rocking it out with all of you, giving you power but now it's the other way around.

The best medicine for me now was when all of you sang in my place and saying that the live that night was fun.

And to everyone who was going to attend our Hiroshima, Okayama, Fukouka, Chiba and Atsugi live.

I'm really, very sorry.

Everything you've planned for the live day is suddenly destroyed by this postponement. All your work was for nothing.

I can't do much now but I'll definitely find away to repay back all those LIVEs to you.

I know that some of you are really dissatisfied with how things turned out.

I'll think hard about the future with all of your disappointment in mind.

It meant a lot to me that the event management has confirmed the ticket refunds so please check about it as soon as you can.

And lastly.

To everyone who has followed me,
the band members, the Tour staff, and most of all, the fans.

I'm terribly sorry to have worried all of you.
I'll do my best, and heal, and more than ever, I'll be full of energy, my voice will be better than before and I'll be more cuter than...ah- no I won't lol.
Anyway, I can't wait to return back performing on stage.

Please wait for me.

And please spread the word to anyone who can't view my blog.

Thank you


this news are getting all over the world ~
on Facebook, LiveJournal,..
If Europe, USA or Asia:

we hope of your recovery


I had to laugh hard as he said 'I'll do my best, and heal, and more than ever, I'll be full of energy, my voice will be better than before and I'll be more cuter than...ah- no I won't lol.' xD As you can see he's allready doing this well that he can laugh and make jokes so he will be well soon ^^ ~ ♥ Kamuuri


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